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The FINDING YOUR BEAUTIFUL™ Movement all started one day when I looked in the mirror, I mean really, really looked, and all I could see was all my faults and lumps & bumps.

After many tears and a few words that can't be spoken here, it hit me...



Turns out most of us feel this way, it's not normally something we talk about.

We joke about it to cover the pain. The deep pain. We are all walking around feeling alone with this pain.

So, now I have dedicated the rest of my life to women who don't traditionally consider themselves beautiful because of weight, age, scars, colour or shape, and completely change the way they see & feel about themselves.

If YOU'RE THEAT WOMAN, you need to spend some time with me!

We all know beauty shines from within & I have discovered a way to get you to relax in front of my camera, because lets be honest, we all HATE having our photo taken don't we?

So at 46, size 24 and partially disabled, I went from being a waste of space to 'The Finder Of Beautiful'... YOUR BEAUTIFUL.

IT'S THERE, WE JUST DON'T SEE IT. We get so good at NOT looking in the mirror or when we do, we generally think f*#k when did that happen!

If you don't have the best day of your life and you don't find your beautiful you won't pay a thing, so you have nothing to loose, except, a portion of that self hate you carry around like a cement block on your heart. Come play with me & my team & find yourself again.

The 'Finding YOUR Beautiful' Campaign was born from my own struggles to see not only my beautiful but my worth.
I knew I couldn't be the only girl in the world who felt this way.
Transformation & Photo Shoot Experience - Finding YOUR Beautiful™

Photo shoot Including Hair & Makeup  $250  ( for 1 or 2 people )

Transformation  $priceless

Beautiful photos from $495
Packages start at $2200

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