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Monday, May 29, 2017
By Murray Studios
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What does it mean to mentor another?


For me mentor means teacher. We are taught from the time we are very small. We learn to say thank you, to open our mouths for food. Our ABC’s, toilet training and affection.

Growing up in a country town, I was blessed with teachers and mentors. Those who showed me the way. So I suppose it is a natural progression that I too would want to do the same for others at some point.


Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing other people go through unnecessary trials and tribulations until they give up. Not because they are quitters, but from pure frustration or a lack of resources. Hard learning and experience is all a part of this crazy life, I know. But it does hit a chord within when you see others with so much potential giving up on a dream because they don’t have the light to help them guide the way.


I suppose you could say I have been either fortunate or just plain crazy enough to have found my way. I had great mentors showing me business success through photography, however a lot of blood, sweat, tears, hard work and a lengthy education graduated to a position of success. When I say success, I mean the freedom to make a great income from doing what I love, when I want and with whom I want to. There is nothing more uplifting and self determining than the moment you realise you have this freedom. I am deadly serious. Freedom grants you the ability to say yes, no and maybe within the bounds of your own control, with life flexibility. But it is more than this, because I found a way to uplift the lives of other women in really tangible ways. You get to lift each other, so in turn, you get to be the mentor, you get to be the teacher, of Finding Your Beautiful. I have trained with some of the world's best marketers, I have had key insights into the minds of the industry's greatest. With what we have developed, I cannot wait for my students to receive the same!


So now instead of feeling frustrated for others, or sad they cannot make a living from photography I can help them join me, sit beside me on that couch with a plaque that says “WE DID IT! HOW COOL IS THIS?!”


This has taken so much work, hours and my bank manager won’t even begin to tell you through gritted teeth how much is cost me. But I believe it is worth it. Because I believe in all of you. It really is that simple.


We want you to take the passion that is portrait photography with a social conscience that speaks magnitudes into the hearts of women everywhere. We want you to feel the support of others just like you that are walking the same path, whilst being guided and guarded by the ones that have walked it before and done it successfully. We want you to make money doing it, and we want you to share in the freedom.


The first component is Portrait Taker’s Club, an exclusive Facebook group of photographers where I share with you a space that is unique, supportive and bursting with information to help you start your journey.


The second component is the revamp of my website with Annieography- with links on how you can begin your learning journey to photographic marketing and income heaven. Hand on heart. This is the real stuff.


I have always believed that you do not truly have success until you have taught it to others and they too have experienced it. Well, I have, and the folks sitting on the chair with me want some company. So if you are ready and brave enough, come and have a look around and see if you like what you see.


Everyone, have a wonderful May (what is left of it!). Thank you for taking time to stop in and say hi. Feel free to share! Xx Annie

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Rachel Deckert - Love you darlin - best teacher, mentor, beautiful lady!! Real, perfectly imperfect, caring and dedicated ... you truly are inspiring!! ❤️xx